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Privacy Policy

We explain what data we store and use and for what reason.

Our principles

We are constantly working on reducing the amount of personal data processed by our websites and Apps – and in all other cases to ensure full transparency.

  • We use encrypted connections by default.
    The site and all apps use SSL-encrypted connection via HTTPS to our server.
  • We store sensitive data in encrypted form.
    Particularly sensitive information, such as addresses or position data, is stored on the server in encrypted form.
  • We do not use tracking with cookies, “web pixels” or the like.
    We do not participate in web tracking systems that aim to analyze user behavior across multiple pages. Neither for usage analysis nor for advertising purposes and certainly not for third parties. <br>For call statistics we only do a log file analysis on our own.
  • We do not take part in advertising programs.
    We do not include any automatic advertisements on our website or in our apps, such as Google AdSense, Affilinet and many more, and do not participate in such partner programs.
  • We do not load any data from other servers.
    Unless otherwise stated, our websites and apps only connect to our own server. We do not use content delivery systems. We also do not use any (social) plug-ins that establish connections to other servers without the visitor's knowledge.
  • We only use cookies if this is technically necessary for the use of a primary function of the website or app.

General rights

You always can exercise these rights:

  • You can get information about your personal data stored in our systems and its processing,
  • You can have us correct your personal data in our systems,
  • You can have us delete your personal data in our systems,
  • You can have us restrict the processing of your personal data in case we can't delete the data due to legal obligations,
  • You can withdraw a given consent to the processing of your personal data at any time.
  • You can receive your personal data, stored in our systems, in an interoperable format.

Sie können sich jederzeit mit einer Beschwerde an die für Sie zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde wenden. Ihre zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde richtet sich nach dem Bundesland Ihres Wohnsitzes, Ihrer Arbeit oder der mutmaßlichen Verletzung. Eine Liste der Aufsichtsbehörden (für den nichtöffentlichen Bereich) mit Anschrift finden Sie unter:

Details about our data processing

In these cases we store and process personal data, partly only with explicit permission:

Responsible for data processing:

Wilde Kultur Beyer und Wahl GbR | Stefan Beyer | Ballenberg 1 | D-79837 St. Blasien Germany | inforemove[@-Letter]

Server log files

Our web server records different information about the accesses to the site with each visit.

This data is recorded:
  • Date and time of the request,
  • URI of the requested resource,
  • if the request was successful or not,
  • the size of transferred data (file size),
  • the referrer, is available,
  • name of operating system and browser software and version,
  • IP address of the requesting computer.
The purpose of the data processing:

The information will be used,

  • to analyse malfunctions,
  • to generate statistics about page calls (no user behavior is analyzed),
  • to react adequately to activity, relevant to criminal law.
How long it will be stored:

Typically, the data is deleted automatically after 7 days. If necessary, the data can be stored for longer time and will be deleted as soon as the issue is resolved.

Legal basis:

Using the feedback feature TODO

You can directly send an e-mail via the contact form.

This data is recorded:
  • name
  • e-mail address
  • optional website
  • your messange
The purpose of the data processing:

The data will be used to facilitate communication - limited to the concerns you have expressed - and to take necessary action if necessary in the case of criminally relevant activity (insults, prohibited political propaganda, etc.).

How long it will be stored:

The data will be stored for the duration of the ongoing communication or until clarification of your request. If, in some cases, the purpose requires longer storage (for example, as evidence), the data may only be deleted after the facts have been clarified.

Legal basis:


Deviating from our principles, we have to use a third-party provider for the map tiles. Maps are currently being obtained from . Personal data will not be passed on.


To be able to use the app, you have to register and leave payment information.

This data is recorded:
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Paypal-ID
The purpose of the data processing:

The data is used to identify authorized users and to process payments.

How long it will be stored:

The data will be stored until revoked (e.g. deletion of the account). If longer storage is required in individual cases (e.g. as evidence, outstanding payments), the data may only be deleted after the facts have been clarified.

Legal basis:


When using the app, various data is recorded that the user voluntarily provides. Including geographic position data. Since the latter would possibly allow conclusions to be drawn about a person's whereabouts, these are stored in encrypted form.

The purpose of the data processing:

These data is stored at the request of the user. In addition, the data for all users as a whole is anonymously evaluated once a year for scientific purposes. Geographical position data is converted into rough grids that do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual persons, and other data components that allow conclusions to be drawn about personal information are removed.

How long it will be stored:

The primary data is stored until revoked (e.g. deletion of the account). The results of the scientific evaluation detached from the person can be saved forever.

Legal basis: